Initial Steps for becoming an Operational Medical Director (OMD)


Step 1.     You need an ORIGINAL signed and dated OMD application form.

                                  EMSPhysicianApplication 1 Page 1

                         Click for a copy of this form.

(Note: It is recommended on page 2 of this form, located at the top, you select both OMD and PCD.

This way, you are certified to function as both an OMD as well as a Physician Course Director (PCD allows you to approve CE classes))

Step 2.     Proof of OEMS acceptable OMD training, which can still be taken on-line.

                     OMD On line training

                                  Click for the link.

Step 3.     Provide a copy of your current Virginian Physician License.

Step 4.     Provide copy of your Board Certification in Emergency Medicine OR copies of ACLS, ATLS, and PALS certifications (If you are not Board Certified in Emergency Medicine).

Step 5.     To become affiliated with an EMS agency, once you are hired as their OMD, you will need to submit: 

a.  Copies of signed/dated contacts between you and the EMS agency.  The contracts must have signatures for both you and the EMS agency representative.

Step 6.     The completed placket (all items listed above) is what is needed to be submitted to the Regional Medical Direction Committee for approval, then it will be sent to the VA Office of EMS for their approval process. 

For additional information, click here:

EMS Medical Directors

For the VA Code, click here:

VA Code

If you need any assistance with completing this process, contact the NOVA EMS Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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