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Board Minutes

icon Bd. Min. 10-11-12

icon Bd. Min. 12-13-2012

icon Bd. Min. 2-21-2013

icon Bd. Min. 4-18-2013

icon Bd. Min. 6-13-2013

icon Bd. Min. 9-12-3013

icon Bd. Min. 10-10-2013

icon Bd. Min. 12-12-13

icon Bd. Min. 4-17-14


Executive Director Reports

icon Exec Dir Oct FY 13

icon Exec Dir Dec FY 13

icon Exec Dir Feb FY 13

icon Exec Dir April FY 13

icon Exec. Dir. June FY 13

icon Exec. Dir. Sept. FY 14

icon Exec. Dir. Oct. FY 14

icon Exec. Dir. Dec. FY 14

icon Executive Director Report April 2014

icon Executive Director Report June 2014

Quarterly Report

icon 1st Quarter Report FY 13

icon 2nd Quarter Report FY 13

icon 3rd Quarter Report FY 13

icon 4th Quarter Report FY 13

icon 1st Quarter Report FY 14

icon 2nd Quarter Report FY 2014

icon 3rd Quarter Report FY 2014

icon 4th Quarter Report FY 2014

Annual Report

icon Annual Report FY 05

icon Annual Report FY 06

icon Annual Report FY 07

icon Annual Report FY 08

icon Annual Report FY 09

icon Annual Report FY 10

icon Annual Report FY 11

icon Annual Report FY 12

icon Annual Report FY 13

Council 990 Reports

icon FY 10 Council 990 Report

icon FY 11 Council 990 Report

icon FY 12 Council 990 Report

icon FY 13 Council 990 Report


icon Council By-Laws

Board List

icon Board List as of 6-30-13

Council Profile

icon Council Profile

Regional EMS Plan

icon Regional EMS Plan

Regional Hospital Map Book

icon Hospital Map Book

Regional MCI Plan

icon Regional MCI Plan

icon Regional Disaster Triage Tag Order Form

Regional RHCC (MedComm) Procedure

icon RHCC Activation Protocol

Regional Protocols

icon General Protocol

icon Regional Protocol Guidelines

icon Regional Controlled Substance Kit Protocol

icon Regional Controlled Substance Kit Form

icon Regional EMS Pandemic Response Plan

Regional QA/QI Template

icon Performance Improvement Template

    (Note: This is not a regional protocol. It is to be used as a sample by EMS agencies looking for help in developing their quality assurance/quality improvement programs.)

Regional ReRoute/Diversion Plan

icon No. VA Hospital Reroute/Diversion Plan

Regional STEMI Plan

icon Regional STEMI Plan

Regional Stroke Plan

icon Northern Virginia Regional Stroke Plan

Regional Trauma and EMS Performance Improvement Program

icon Performance Improvement Program

Regional Trauma Triage Plan

icon Regional Trauma Triage Plan

Restocking/Resupply Agreements

 Restocking Agreement Agency

 Restocking Agreement Hospitals

STEMI Minutes

icon STEMI - Oct. 30, 2007

icon STEMI - March 12, 2008

icon STEMI - Oct 9, 2008

icon STEMI April 21, 2010

icon STEMI June 3, 2010

icon STEMI Sept. 8, 2010

icon STEMI March 14, 2012

icon STEMI Oct. 18, 2012